UBC Literature Etc. is the first non-profit UBC student organization focusing on music, photography, film, literature and fine arts. The unique publication of our annual magazine, leMook, showcases our passion in arts through illustrative and literary works. UBCLE strives to be "A Place Where People and Possibilities Meet" -- we hope to be the platform for members to create and mould their own experience. Each year, UBCLE hosts several events covering photography, visual arts, music, film and literature. Some past events include Ministudio, leBizarre, mini concerts, and of course, the Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival. Our focus is to develop a stronger appreciation of the arts and bring this artistic flavour into everyday life.


TCCS exists to bring continuous sharing and exchanges between the Taiwanese and Canadian cultural experiences. With the goal of greater mutual understanding among ethnic groups in the community, it strives to be the forerunner introducing Taiwanese culture to Canadians and to promote within the community at large a better understanding of the Taiwanese contribution to Canadian society. Through educational activities and programs related to Taiwanese and Canadian art, culture, history and language, it educates and assists new immigrants to understand and integrate into Canadian life and culture, and encourages them to take part in the local community. It is the goal of the TCCS to promote mutual understanding and cultural harmony between Taiwanese and other ethnic groups in Canada.