Special Events

Ode to Time - Director Chi-Jan Hou Q&A Session & Taiwan Folk Song Performance

This year’s opening film Ode to Time, examines the past 40 years of Taiwan’s history and shows how a generation of youth create their own connection with the island country through their music. Many music big names such as Xiao-Qing Tao and Zong-Sheng Li are featured in this film. Director Chi-Jan Hou is attending the after-screening Q&A and folk song band, JAGA, is also going to give a short musical performance.

Q&A with Director Chi-Jan Hou – Friday, June 9th at 8PM (after Ode to Time)
Taiwan Folk Song Performance by JAGA – Sunday, June 11th at 4:30PM (after Ode to Time)

Mackay: The Black Bearded Bible Man – in celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Another special feature this year is a film on the Taiwanese Opera, Mackay: The Black Bearded Bible Man, which tells the life of the first Canadian Presbyterian Missionary to Taiwan, George Leslie Mackay, and his contribution to the modernization of Taiwan. This is in celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday and of the deep relationship between the two countries.

Thursday, June 8th at 6PM, at Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Society (8853 Selkirk St. Vancouver)

Formosa Betrayed – in celebration of the Taiwan “228 Incident” 70th Anniversary

This year mark the 70th anniversary of the “February 28 Incident”. In memory of this historical tragedy and to remind us the precariousness of freedom, TWFF is playing Formosa Betrayed, a thriller based on the true crimes during the White Terror period in Taiwan, during which thousands of people were murdered, missing, and imprisoned. Writer, producer and actor of this film, Will Tiao, is also attending the screening to share his thoughts with the audience.

Saturday, June 10th at 12:30PM Movie Screening (followed by Q&A with Producer Will Tiao)