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Hang in There, Kids!
(Lokah Laqi)

Located in a beautiful and mountainous region of Taiwan, a secluded Taiwanese indigenous tribe resides. Follow the story of 3 innocent, optimistic, and naughty boys as they grow up in rural indigenous lands. They’re cheerful even with many worries in their families. One day, a disabled teacher with a beautiful voice sets up an after-school class for the boys, to provide a warm space for them from home. They discover their teacher’s musical audition tape and bravely decided to bring the tape to the capital city, Taipei - what will it bring about to their lives?

June 10 (Saturday) - 10:30am 
(preceeded by <April 19>)

Length: 90 min
Director: Laha Mebow
Producer: Pin-Chu Chen, Chia-Chin Huang, Ai-Lun Chu
Writer: Laha Mebow
Cast: Albee Huang, Buya Watan, Watan Silan, Suyan Pito, Shih-Huei Tsao, Sharon Kao, Mudi, Uni Yeh, Jing-Lang Lin, Chuen-Hua Chuang
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG