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Vancouver Taiwanese
Film Festival 2017

JUNE 9 - 11

Ode To Time

June 9 (Friday) - 6:00pm
June 11 (Sunday) - 2:30pm

“In the history of Taiwanese popular music and culture, folk songs were wake-up calls in the search for one’s identity.”

My Egg Boy

June 9 (Friday) - 9:00pm
June 11 (Sunday) - 5:30pm

"Happiness is hard to obtain. But don’t forget that anticipation keeps us alive."

Hang in There, Kids! (Lokah Laqi)

June 10 (Saturday) - 10:30am

"You never know when something good will happen in life."

Formosa Betrayed

June 10 (Saturday) - 12:30pm

“The Chinese say we are brothers. But why do they treat us like this?”

White Lies, Black Lies

June 10 (Saturday) - 3:00pm

"Every word I’m about to say, is absolutely true."

Pride Short Films Series

June 10 (Saturday) - 5:00pm

Featuring: "The Priestess Walks Alone", "The Door", and "The Rose Boy".

Betelnut Girls

June 10 (Saturday) - 6:50pm

"The most debatable street scenery - One layer of glass, two worlds.” 

The Tag-Along

June 10 (Saturday) - 9:00pm

“Don’t ever look back when you hear ‘something’ calling your name.”

52Hz, I Love You

June 11 (Sunday) - 8:50pm

“Loneliness, it’s just the beginning of a story”