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My Egg Boy

Modern women tend to score high in career but score zero in love, while racing against time to look for the true love. A 32 years old single woman, longing for love, believes that love can be preserved by freezing time for the sake of prolonging the pursuit of love, just like frozen food. A spark ignites when she meets a restaurant owner who believes in fresh only and fresh first when it comes to his ingredients. A rendezvous with frozen affection and fresh infatuation - Will her love be a happy ending?

June 9 (Friday) - 9:00pm
(preceeded by <The Water Giant>)

June 11 (Sunday) - 5:30pm
(preceeded by <Sneeze Jumper>)

Length: 112 min
Director: Tien-Yu Fu
Producer: Bao-Shiu Chen
Cast: Ariel Lin, Rhydian Vaughan, Huai‑Yun Zhan, Nien-jen Wu
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Rating: PG

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