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Green Island Serenade

Director: Chi-Jan Hou
Friday, June 9 - 6:00pm

The classical Taiwanese folk song “Green Island Serenade” has been echoing through generations of Taiwanese people since 1954.

The Water Giant

Director: Wei-Yuan Chen
June 9 - 9:00pm

In a deadly desert, a large number of insects flee their nest as huge and heavy footsteps gradually approach from the distance...

April 19

Director: Hung Chen
June 10 - 10:30am

Have you ever noticed the little man on those signs in your everyday life? This is a story about him!


Director: Steven Lu
June 10 - 3:00pm

A magical polaroid can turn pictures of food into real cuisines. Will people be able to resist the temptation of gluttony?


Director: An-Wu Li
June 10 - 6:50pm

Every morning before going to work, the girl always feels terribly depressed. Fortunately, her cat is always able to defeat her gloominess.

What a Peaceful Day

Director: Eden Chan
June 10 - 9:00pm

An old lady was enjoying her peaceful day in the woods, when she meets an illegal hunter, and an explosive battle is about to happen.

Sneeze Jumper

Director: Kuan-Ju Chen
June 11 - 5:30pm

Botanist Eva has found a magical creature, Mandora. Will she be able to protect Mandora from the evil robot poachers with her “sneeze teleport” super power?

Tiger God

Director: Ying Pan
June 11 - 8:50pm

In Taiwanese folk religion, The Tiger God, worshipped under the main altar, is often neglected and forgotten. However, He still does His duty to protect all the children.

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